Find the perfect mix of style and comfort with our quality range of sofas. Our sofa collections come in various fabrics, sizes and layouts. Find the ideal sofa for your living area and get comfy right away!

Scrolled button sofa  

Size: H76 x W243 x D88 (cm)
SKU: LG55303
Material: Fabric
Colour: Grey 

Price £695

Divina 3 Seat Sofa

Size: H75 x W190 x D90 (cm)
SKU: LG15319
Material: Corrected grain leather
Colour: Dark brown

Price £395

Holbrook Sofa Bed

Size: H76 x W170 x D90 (cm)
SKU: LG15503
Material: Fabric
Colour: Coffee

Price £395

Envy 2 Seat Sofa

Size: H88 x W170 x D95 (cm)
SKU: LG15218
Material: Fabric
Colour: Green-Brown

Price £165

Clara 2 Seat Sofa

Size: H89 x W165 x D98 (cm)
SKU: LG15222
Material: Fabric
Colour: Herringbone Fabric

Price £349

Portia Corner Sofa

Size: H78 x W243 x D170 (cm)
SKU: LG15517
Material: Fabric
Colour: Grey

Price £695

Alexander 2.5 seat sofa

Size: H63 x W220 x D100 (cm)
SKU: LG15420
Material: Fabric
Colour: Grey

Price £495

Bryson 3 Seater Sofa

Size: H80 x W206 x D91 (cm)
SKU: LG15324
Material: Corrected Grain Leather
Colour: Taupe

Price £495


Divina 2 Seat Sofa

Size: H75 x W150 x D90 (cm)
SKU: LG15219
Material: Corrected grain leather
Colour: Dark Brown

Price £345

Holbrook Sofa

Size: H76 x W160 x D93 (cm)
SKU: LG15205
Material: Fabric
Colour: Coffee

Reversible cushions

Price £199

Ravello 2 Seat Sofa

Size: H70 x W160 x D90 (cm)
SKU: LG55211
Material: Fabric
Colour: Grey, velvet feel. Reversible cushions. Lightwood legs

Price £565

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