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Price: £619
If New: £885
Save: £266
Flynn 2 seater Sofa
H79cm x W177cm x D87cm 

SKU: LG15236
Material: Fabric with black Metal Legs 
Colour: Grey/Black

Price: £499
If new: £749
Save: £250
Harry 2.5 seat sofa Sofa
H86 x W184 x D93cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: Oatmeal

Price: £365
If new: £545
Save: £180
Brody 3 Seater Sofa
H79 x W174 x D84cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: Grey

Reduced to: £999
Price: £1105
If new: £1579

Save: £580
Oscar Corner Sofa
Total: H79.5 x Wleft223 x Wright255 D84cm
Material: Fabric
Colour: Grey & Dark Grey

Special Price: £550
Price: £799
If new: £2039
Save: £1489
Windsor Corner Sofa
H84cm x W298cm x W298 x D98cm
SKU: LG15519
Material: Fabric  100% polyester
Colour: Grey  

Reduced to: £495
If new: £915
Save: £420
Orson Sofa
H90 x W183 x D101cm
Material: polyester Velvet
Colour: Blue

Price: £999
Brand New
Sofia 3/4seater Sofa
H78 x W238 x D97cm SKU:LG55355
Material: polyester Velvet
Colour: Grey

Reduced to: £499
Price: £759
Save: £260
Brand New
Cody 2 seater Sofa 
H71 x W162 x D87cm
Material: Fabric
Colour: Mid Blue/Dark Blue

Reduced to: £575
Price: £879
Save: £304
Brand New
Venice 2.5 seater Sofa
H75cm x W180cm x D92cm
SKU: LG55201
Material: 100% Polyester 
Colour: Light Blue 

Price: £399
If new: £709
Save: £310
Casper 2 seat sofa Sofa
H80 x W162 x D85cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: blue

Price: £395
If new: £739
Save: £344
Fulham 2 Seat Sofa
H89 x W178 x D98cm
SKU: LG15227
Material: Fabric 100% polyester
Colour: Grey

Reduced to: £399
Price: £499
If new: £735
Save: £336
Amalfi 3 seater Sofa
H74 x W188 x D80cm SKU:LG15334
Material: Top Grain Leather
Colour: Chocolate

Price: £179
If new: £629
Save: £450
Ascot 2 seater sofa
H81 x W173 x D97cm
Material: Fabric
Colour: Brown

Price: £199
If new: £659
Save: £460
Holbrook 2 seater sofa
H76 x W153 x D90cm
Material: Fabric
Colour: Coffee colour fabric with wenge feet

Reduced to: £249
Price: £419
Save: £170
Brand New
Ensemble 2 Seater Bench
D60 x H79cm x W152cm
Material: Black Polyester
Legs: Black Metal

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