Dining Chairs

When hosting a dinner party, you want to make sure your dining chairs offer both style and comfort. Our ex-rental dining chairs do just that and come in a selection of contemporary styles and materials.

If new £229
Save £160
Paris dining chair
H95 x W58 x D60cm
SKU: DG18233
Material: Steel chair Willis and Gambier

If new £99
Save £64
Mars dining chair
H78 x W54 x D56cm
SKU: DG18218
Material: Polymer and Chrome

Aida Dining Chair
If new £119
Save £50
Aida Dining Chair
H96 x W4 x D6cm
SKU: DG58227
Material: Regenerated leather
Colour beige

Brand new
Boston Dining Chair
H93 x W46 x D62cm
SKU: DG58244
Material: Brown leather with black steel frame

If new £199
Save £100
Charlotte Dining Chair
H90 x W58 x D60cm
SKU: DG18239
Material: Fabric and wood
Colour: Grey fabric seat and darkwood legs

If new £149
Save £90
Aster Dining Chair
H91 x W47 x D44cm
SKU: DG58206
Material: Fabric and wood
Colour: Blue fabric seat and light wood legs

If new £129
Save £80
Monroe Dining Chair
H100 x W47 x D49cm
SKU: DG18210
Material: Faux Leather
Colour: Brown with light legs

If new £55
Save £20
Luccia Dining Chair
H82 x W42 x D49cm
SKU: DG18236
Material: Polypropolene
Colour: White

If new £319
Save £190
Ebony Dining Chair
H96 x W57 x D57cm
SKU: DG18231
Material: Fabric
Colour: Black

If new £119
Save £70
Bradley Dining Chair
H94 x W48 x D48cm
SKU: DG18238
Material: Fabric
Colour: Brown with light legs

If new £245
Save £206
Bess Dining Chair
H90 x W47 x D55cm
SKU: DG18237
Material: Faux Leather
Colour: Grey with dark legs

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