Dining Chairs

When hosting a dinner party, you want to make sure your dining chairs offer both style and comfort. Our ex-rental dining chairs do just that and come in a selection of contemporary styles and materials.

Charlotte Dining Chair

Size: H90 x W58 x D60 (cm)
SKU: DG18239
Material: Fabric and wood
Colour: Grey fabric seat and darkwood legs


Aster Dining Chair

Size: H91 x W47 x D44 (cm)
SKU: DG58206
Material: Fabric and wood
Colour: Blue fabric seat and light wood legs


Khloe Dining Chair

Size: H91 x W47 x D44 (cm)
SKU: DG58213
Material: Fabric and metal
Colour: Grey/Blue fabric seat and yellow legs


Monroe Dining Chair

Size: H100 x W47 x D49 (cm)
SKU: DG18210
Material: Faux Leather
Colour: Brown with light legs


Lucia Dining Chair

Size: H82 x W42 x D49 (cm)
SKU: DG18236
Material: Polypropolene
Colour: White


Ebony Dining Chair

Size: H96 x W57 x D57 (cm)
SKU: DG18231
Material: Fabric
Colour: Black


Bradley Dining Chair

Size: H94 x W48 x D48 (cm)
SKU: DG18238
Material: Fabric
Colour: Brown with light legs


Calligaris Bess Chair

Size: H90 x W47 x D55 (cm)
SKU: DG18237
Material: Faux Leather
Colour: Grey with dark legs


Lunar Chair

Size: H79 x W59 x D54 (cm)
SKU: DG18223
Material: Polypropylene and chrome
Colour: White with chrome legs


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