When designing and styling a room, a rug can tie all the different pieces of furniture together visually. It can also help to add some warmth and make a room more homely.


Price: £89
If new £199
Save £110
Splash Rug 
160x 230cm
SKU: AC29783
Colour: Shades of Blue

Price: £29
If new: £45
Save: £16
Trixie Rug
L170cm x W120cm 
SKU: AC29794
Colour: Light Grey & White

If new: £539
Save: £380
Parquet Rug

L170cm x W120cm
SKU: AC69501
Material: Cowhide

Price: £199
If new £299
Save £100
Season Rug
L230cm x W160cm
Material: Wool 50% Viscose 50%
Colour: Brown, Grey & White Mix

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