The right lighting can make a world of difference in your home. Lighting is a fantastic way to brighten up a space and create a welcoming ambiance within a room. If you’re interested in purchasing new lighting fixtures, we have a great variety of lamps, lamp shades and lighting items to buy in our showroom.

Price: £35
If new: £55
Save: £20
Classic Table Lamp
SKU: AC29215
Colour: Brushed Chrome and Cream

Price: £155
If new: £225
Save: £70
Manhattan Floor Lamp 
H162cm x W50cm
SKU: AC29259
Colour: Matt Black with gold effect

Reduced to: £99
Price £129
If new: £179
Save: £80
Abella Table Lamp
SKU: AC29223
Colour: Silver and Grey

Price: £19
If new: £59
Save: £40
Theta Table lamp
48 x 25cm
SKU: AC29213
Colour: Chrome with cream shade

Price: £35
If new: £65
Save: £30
Taper Lamp
H63 x W30cm
SKU: AC29231
Colour: Black and silver

Price: £49
If New: £99
Save: £50
Dome Desk Lamp 
H35cm x W15cm 
SKU: AC29219
Colour: Chrome 

Price: £89
If new: £125
Save: £36
Moderno Floor Lamp
H150cm x W43cm
SKU: AC29257
Colour: Choice of Shade with dark wood Tri-pod Legs

Price: £49
If new: £99
Save: £50
Theta Floor Lamp 
SKU: AC29214
Colour: Chrome with cream shade

Price: £59
If new: £109
Save: £50
Classic floor lamp
H156 x W43cm
SKU: AC29256
Colour: Brushed chrome with cream shade

Was £19
If new £30
Save £15
Alloy Blue Desk Lamp H40cm
SKU: AC29203
Colour: Blue and Gold


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