Dining Tables

At the heart of every home is the dining table, a place where family and friends come together. Our dining tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials; so if you’re looking to re-vamp their dining area, you’re in the right place.

Vancouver Extending Dining Table

Size: H75 x W150-190 x D90 (cm) 
SKU: DG18130
Material: Oak and Veneer
Colour: Oak


Farley Extending Table   

Size: H75 x W165-225 x D90 (cm)
SKU: DG18109
Material: Wood
Colour: Light oak 


Poseur Table

Size: H110 x W80
SKU: DG58113
Material: Chrome & Glass 
Colour: Chrome & Glass


Sicily Dining Table

Size: H74 x W90
SKU: DG18108
Material: Chrome & Glass 
Colour: Chrome & Glass


Jacques Dining Table

Size: H75 x W180 x D90 (cm) 
SKU: DG18135
Material: Glass and Chrome
Colour: Glass and Chrome


Calligaris Atelier Extending Table

Size: H74.5 x W170 x D100 (cm) Extends to 226cm
SKU: DG18125
Material: Stained Oak with Veneer
Colour:  Stained darkwood


Dine extendable dining table

Size: H75 x W90 x D90 (cm) Extends to 130
SKU: DG58120
Material: melamine with matt wooden frame


Alchemy Dining Table

Size: H76 x W135 (cm)
SKU: DG18136
Colour: 12mm glass top with solid dark wood base


Eiffel Dining Table

Size: H75 x W100  (cm)
SKU: DG18120
Colour: Glass Top with Polished Steel Base


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